Worth a Look: EmpowerMind

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Dear Friends:

I've fallen in love with EmpowerMind and what they are doing for our country
and the world to assist young people, and folks of all ages, to become
exceptional learners and therefore exceptional contributors to society.

From their website — http://www.empowermind.com/about.htm:

EmpowerMind© has proven that “learning disabilities” do not exist, but
rather each person is unique and learns differently. Once an individual,
whether a 10 year old child, a 90 year old adult, failing student, honor
student or anyone in between, learns how she learns, then learning becomes
easy. We encourage stepping outside the “rule” box. We help individuals
experience their own greatness by showing them how to work with their
strengths versus focusing on their perceived weaknesses. We prove to them
that they are geniuses. It's a process of self-discovery by taste testing a
wonderful buffet of techniques and individually choosing which ones work
best for them. We use a holistic approach, which helps students look at all
their unique qualities, that make them the geniuses they are. They
experience which senses they learn from best, if they're a right brain or
left brain learner, what time of day do they learn best, how to relax and
get into “the zone,” and much more. The process is exciting, thought
provoking, confidence boosting and fun.

I have never seen or heard of anything like this that can make such a
difference in how learning and learning self-esteem happens. This is a 10!


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