2010 Reference: 5 Lessons From Outgoing Microsoft Software Architect Ray Ozzie

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Ray Ozzie Dawn of a New Day Memo (28 Oct 2010)

1. Take time to paint a vision of the future

2. Put past successes “in perspective”

3. Recognize what’s inevitable in your industry

4. “Inevitable” is not the same as “imminent”

5. Real transformation has to come from within

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Phi Beta Iota: This is very depressing.  Read the entire Fast Company article for solid paragraphs on each of the five lessons.  The truth-teller is #5 and as best we can tell this is Steve Ballmer’s firing notice–he’s run the company into the ground, most of the groups do not make money, and he has no vision–antics are not a substitute for vision.  Below is one vision for the future of Microsoft, highly unlikely to ever be realized.

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