Dennis Kucinich, Vice President for the Commonwealth–and Some Details

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Posted: October 5, 2010 08:57 AM

Dennis Kucinich, Vice President for the Commonwealth–and Some Details

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Below, as a memory aid, are the previously identified elements and proposed leaders within the Vice Presidency for the Commonwealth, each linked to more information about them as individuals.

Vice President for the Commonwealth: Dennis Kucinich
Agriculture & Water: Jim Hightower
• Water Conservation Authority: William J. Cosgrove (CA)
Health: Howard Dean
• Surgeon General: Steve McIntosh
Interior: Robert Costanza
• Energy: Herman Daly
• Environment: Gordon Durnil
Labor: Jesse Ventura
• Veteran's Affairs: Max Cleland
• No Senior Left Behind: Derek Bok
• Immigration: Pat Buchanan
Transportation & National Design: Joan Claybook
Treasury, Felix Rohatyn
• Internal Revenue: Grover Norquist
• Federal Reserve Termination Authority: Ron Paul

I will be discussing specific policies and their budgetary implications when I address each Cabinet department in turn, after next week. This week and next our focus is on the “big three” allocation of responsibilities across the Vice Presidents, and a “big picture” strategic analytic model for governance.

Let's start with the strategic functions. Stewardship of the Commonwealth demands that every decision affecting the human, natural, and intellectual resources of the Commonwealth be subject to two kinds of thinking: first, does this decision conserve the integrity–the wholeness or completeness–of the Commonwealth, or does it diminish it? Second, in keeping with the traditions of the Native Americans whom we genocided, how will this decision play out Seven Generations out?

In that context, exporting jobs and hollowing out our industrial base while playing financial roulette with pension funds and taking Chernobyl-like risks with industrial catastrophe across America can only be seen as treason, plain and simple. Unfortunately, because we have tolerated a corrupt Congress for decades, a two-party tyranny, one bird with two wings, treason has been legal. That ends now.

Dennis Kucinich needs no introduction. I believe we can trust him to stop all of the forms of fraud and to begin the process of stopping and then reversing the centuries of depredation against America the Beautiful and its generations of impoverished, blue collar, and lower middle-class citizens who have been betrayed by a form of capitalism completely lacking in ethics and integrity.

My general marching orders to Dennis, subject to comments from all of you here within the Huffington Post, are these:
1. End individual income taxes while implementing the Automated Payments/Transaction Tax (APT Tax).
2. Terminate Corporate Personality, implement national corporate charting and “one set of books.”
3. Every American may be a member of a labor union or professional association within four years.
4. End citizen unemployment, study and define a national population policy within four years.
5. Focus especially on getting the 1.6 million homeless children off the streets, healthy, and into school.
6. Implement a domestic policy model that harmonizes spending toward clean water & local energy.
7. Legalize drugs, empty the prisons, employ every released prisoner, and lock down the borders.
8. Create a national design of medium-size self-sufficient cities linked by high-speed rail.
9. End the Federal Reserve and do a complete audit of the Bank of New York within four years.

The Vice President for the Commonwealth will have design oversight of no less than $20 billion a year to be redirected from secret intelligence systems of no substantive value, toward completely regenerating local to global education.

More details will be provided as we discuss individual cabinet departments in the context of the ten high-level threats to humanity (poverty is #1, terrorism barely #9) and the twelve core policies that are now being mis-managed, from Agriculture to Water.

Thursday: Michael Bloomberg, Vice President for Education, Intelligence, & Research–and Some Details About Creating a Smart Nation

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