Event: 25-29 Oct Enlightened Business Summit


Next week is a free five-day event that offers insights from top leaders on how to transform business as usual.

Chip Conley is bringing together the 40 leaders, CEOs, authors, visionaries, and provocateurs he most admires who are building a new revolution in the way business is done.  They will all be available for five days of powerful insights, all on the phone. And he’s doing this whole event for free.

This event features leaders such as Tim Ferriss, Tony Hsieh, John Mackey, George Zimmer, Christine Comaford, Tony Schwartz, Roxanne Emmerich, Stephen M. Covey, and Mihaly Csikszenmihalyi.  The summit is designed with mainly
30-minute talks interspersed throughout the day so you can stay on top of your work while learning the best insights from the world’s top business minds.

The Enlightened Business Summit runs from Oct. 25-29th as a free offering from The Shift Network in partnership with New Voice of Business.  Share this invitation with friends and allies ­ all are welcome to participate

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