NIGHTWATCH Extract: Pakistan Sponsors Terrorism

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India-Pakistan: Indian Army Chief of the Army Staff General V K Singh said on 22 October that interceptions and border monitoring reports have indicated that there are 500 to 600 militants on the Pakistani side of the Line of Control preparing to infiltrate India’s state of Jammu and Kashmir, The Times of India reported.

Intelligence inpurts indicate the leadership of Hizbul Mujahideen, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami and Jaish-e-Mohammed have conducted reconnaissance along the Line of Control in advance of infiltration operations. General Singh reported there are teams of eight to nine who are trying to cross the border every day.

Singh also said the anti-India terrorist infrastructure in Pakistan is intact and 42 camps are being run, including newly created camps in Pakistani Kashmir. Infiltration has risen in late summer, as it seasonally does. The Indian Army recorded 10 infiltration incidents in June, six in July and 33 in August.

General Singh judged that about 20-25 infiltration attempts succeeded, which is indicated by the fact that 12 to 15 terrorists were killed in the last 15-20 days. “This shows people have come from somewhere,” he said. He concluded that Pakistan perceives Kashmir as an “unfinished agenda.

NIGHTWATCH Comment: Infiltration from Pakistan into Indian Kashmir always increases before winter. The number of Kashmiri militant camps is as high as it has been in the past ten years. This means the progress in reducing the number of camps under Musharraf has been reversed. The camps and the infiltration infrastructure into Kashmir cannot exist without official Pakistani government support.

Even allowing for an anti-Pakistani bias, General Singh’s account of conditions along the Line of Control is consistent with autumn conditions in past years. His statements are a reminder that Pakistan remains a state sponsor of terror and continues to use terror as an instrument of state policy against India.


Phi Beta Iota: Contrast this with the CIA’s grand plan to put a counter-terrorism army into Pakistan.  This is so out of touch with reality that we won’t bother to give it its own posting.  Pakistan will “accept” this to milk it for billions that the CIA will blindly-stupidly-hand over, and undermine it every step of the way while continuing to sponsor terror in all its forms.  The contrast between India’s appreciation of Pakistan and the US Government’s willful blindness, is troubling.

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