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Moving Beyond the War on Terror

Tuesday, October 12, 2010 – Capitol Hill

Presumption: The root cause of terrorism is Islamic Fundamentalism — religiously motivated hatred of American and Western values among a fringe of Muslims.

Reality: Based on research by CPOST (Chicago Project on Security and Terrorism), suicide terrorist attacks like 9/11 are driven not by religion alone, but triggered by foreign or military policies of the United States, its allies, and other democracies. Military occupation accounts for nearly all suicide terrorism around the world since 1980. [Emphasis added.]

Conference: Moving beyond the war on terror, what are America's best policy choices in Afghanistan, the Middle East, and at home and for other core national security issues, such as nuclear proliferation and the growing economic constraints on US foreign policy? The conference engages many of the brightest minds in the country on this critical question.

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Dr. Robert Pape

University of Chicago

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