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Review: Organizational Intelligence (Knowledge and Policy in Government and Industry)

Graphic: The Four Quadrants of Knowledge [Quadrant IV]

Our general observation is that organizational intelligence requires clarity of voice, appreciation for diversity in all its forms, absolute integrity in every person, process, and datum, and respect for the ecology of which the organization is a part.  What this last bit means may be obscure: it means that everyone everywhere is “relevant” to the organization achieving intelligence in being.  Organizational intelligence is not about technology or management or even objectives–it is about human beings optimized to create wealth in the context of peace: non-zero wealth.  Most organizations today–most governments, most corporation, most foundations–are both unintelligent, and focused on optimizing wealth for a few over the many.  That is why chaordic commons is so exciting.  This entire website is about organizational intelligence, about creating a prosperous world at peace by harnessing our collective intelligence.

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