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Not yet but soon.  The Summit '11 will be the first step in realizing the eight tribes 90+ nation coalition, while here in the USA some amazing things are happening between the National Coalition for Deliberative Dialog (NCDD) and the Voter Choice Systems (VCS).

Right now, two different sets of human-in-the-loop answers.

Seven Tribes (now Eight, we split Media out from NGOs)

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2003 Information Peacekeeping & The Future of Intelligence: The United Nations, Smart Mobs, and the Seven Tribes

Graphic: The UN and the Eight Tribes of Intelligence

Graphic: Seven Tribes of Intelligence (Original)

Ninety Nations Coalition

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2009 BRF DoD OSINT Leadership and Staff Briefings

2008 BRF DIA NDIC Multinational Intelligence Fellows

2007 DOC Memoranda: OSS CEO to DNI One-Pager

2006 BRF Briefing to the Coalition Coordination Center (CCC) Leadership at the U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM)–Multinational Intelligence: Can CENTCOM Lead the Way? Reflections on OSINT & the Coalition

2000-2002 HBK NATO OSINT Handbooks

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2004 BRF Department of State (March)

2005 DOC Memorandum: $2 Billion Obligation Plan Centered on Defense, for a New Open Source Agency

2002 DOC New Rules for the New Craft of Intelligence (Book 2 Chapter 15)

2002 BRF NSA in Las Vegas The New Craft of Intelligence: What Should the T Be Doing to the I in IT?

2005 DOC Memoranda: Creating a New Agency with a New Mission, New Methods, and a New Mind Set

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