Community Collaboration Soot-Busting Dirty Diesel for “Freight Transport Justice”

03 Environmental Degradation, 05 Energy, 07 Health, Strategy
link to 111 pg report

Pacific Institute’s Community Strategies for Sustainability and Justice (CSSJ) Program has produced Gearing Up for Action: A Curriculum Guide for Freight Transport Justice (pdf), an important advocacy tool to build the power and capacity of  communities to participate in decision making around freight transport  issues. The guide contains popular-education-style activities that CSSJ developed and piloted in partnership with community groups and  coalitions including the West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project  and the “Ditching Dirty Diesel” Collaborative.This  user-friendly curriculum guide is designed to help communities  grappling with freight transport issues share their experiences, explore  the root causes of freight transport impacts, identify those  responsible for dealing with these causes, and develop a plan for  advocacy to advance their solutions.

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