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Paul Williams aka Tall Paul (Movies not Songs)


At waking up, this morning, the sun almost hitting the solar panels,’
a mandala of a shining star of grass in my third eye.

Happens whenever I pull weeds too.
Or trim the zumac tree.
Or in the old days, when I pulled the mustard after a rain.
Tons of mustard.
Went to mustard heaven at night and flew over fields of mustard.

Happens with grasses too—king’s grass.
Is this vegetable heaven?

Picking grass yesterday, wondering if each bunch of grass connected to its main root was one soul.
So many seasons.  So many years.  So many souls.
Mountains of souls.
Were there hierarchies of souls?

If there were too many souls for all the bodies extant now, do some of them go into grass?

When you drive all night and lie down to sleep, and see the cars still coming in the mind’s eye, just a repeat of what you saw on the road…

But I see such pure color, vibrant, shining rays of light in the the mind’s grass…

Picking up on collective consciousness of plants? Downloading the day at night with a niche collective consciousness?

I pulled grass out of the pebbled driveway for only twenty minutes yesterday, yet got these bursting green blades of grass shining in my closed eyes…

Am I now just hypersensitive and/or connected to the vegetable and mineral world, now from years of lending my energy to them–rather than reading numbers on papers in a board room?  Is that why gurus prefer mountaintops to board rooms?

Downloading… but its not just down loading, its shedding the negative energy that has attached itself to the pure thing itself—when you download, you wash it off, and see it purely, its essence.

Downloaded “bad” experience is accepted as pure experience, and becomes part of the storage of experience to make wisdom… for instinctual right actions to prevail in the present: cognizant but not affected by them..

Also, this morning (somehow related) my old roommate, Thorstein Veblen’s grandson, like Barak Obama, schooled in governance at Harvard–not  a co-joined teaching with economics as they do at Oxford—PPE–politics, philosophy and economics…  Obama and John Veblen, unlike Thorstein, ignorant of economics and the history of economic theory.

So we get Americans like John Veblen and Barak, brilliant people who understand governing, negotiating, game playing but all within the envelope of politics, as they know it.

When faced with an economic problem of enormity, they turn to the best economists, e.g. Summers, Geitner… “best” being most “successful “in the [old failing ]system..

Just when we needed a President who had clear vision or comprehensive economic understanding of how the system must change in order to work.

We didn’t need Babe Ruth to hit a home run, we needed Abner Doubleday to change the rules of the game!

FDR was not a compromising black/white man intent of binding the nations wounds like Abe; FDR was a pure-bred Harvard philosopher king who reveled in being hated by banks and powerful oligopolies..

Like the undergraduate John Veblen, who made Thorstein turn in his grave, the brilliant Obama could never pick someone as an advisor who was outside the power box—Obama is a schooled power broker and speechifier..

But what was broken, is broken, is the system.  Pack the courts, put an army of unemployed to work, tax the rich, redistribute the wealth, you can keep the balanced tension between capitalism and planning, but we need a heavy hand on the planning side of the scale.  Like the Chinese or the Finns!

The victims of of the rich getting richer are the underclass who now want a Tea Party to help them commit suicide. Because they know nothing of what Adam Smith preached centuries ago—they have no idea they are a mob of crypto-Smiths.

Karl Marx (most readers will stop reading here) saw how capitalism would destroy itself (or at least 80% of the population)—it has already decimated our living in community with humanistic values. Materialsm has trumped nature and man.

I told my daughter back when Obama (a very smart man) was elected, to make sure she enjoyed her life and didn’t make plans too far in the future, because things will change, not necessarily for the better.

I told her the house was on fire, we need three buckets of water and this new handsome President is trying to compromise between the mercantile republicans who said we need one quarter of one pail (for the banks) and the “liberal” democrats who said we need half a pail (for the banks )–forget Robert Reich and Tom Friedman (“’We need a bigger boat!’ cried Roy Schieder to Richard Dreyfuss when he saw how big the shark was,” said Freidman way back, two years ago).

Top down, not bottom up, say Geitner, Summers and Associates.  Where is our political Martin Luther!  Post the 95 new rules on the doors of the government-military-industrial complex!  The Government of the United States of America is a sales organization that sells indulgences. If not a revolution, we need a Reformation.  A new game.  Ten strikes and you’re out; two balls and you go to first.

We needed three pails to water the grass roots, not a big splash on the tree tops. And Obama was doomed.  A brilliant man but ignorant of the variety of games that can be constructed—couldn’t someone point out that when basketball was getting boring, they added a three-point line!

Obama, like me in the fields of the spirits, is an ignoramus.  I pouted on a website called back then. I also sent out an email to friends, explaining how this will happen, and explaining the way is being paved for a fascist craziness masking as populism.

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