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From our 17 June 2010 review of that work (pre-Wiki-Leaks):

Unpacked, the sentence boils down to this: in cyber-space, naked emperors do not make the cut.  Or, as the LINUX masters put it, “Put enough eyeballs on it, and no bug (or lie) is invisible.”  The Pentagon is not ready for that, neither are most governments.

Now let's unpack cyber-power, properly understood.

1.  Smart Nation is vastly more important than any ability to attack or defend cyber-structure.

2.  Human brain power is the base of the pyramid.  Computers make stupid people dangerous.

3.  Machine augmentation of human understanding is next step up.  This not only includes the ability to “cast a wide net” across all collection disciplines, all academic domains, all languages, but it also means desktop and back-office machine-human analytics, which still do not exist today to our satisfaction.  This also includes machine assistance in avoiding errors and omissions (50% of the computer-related losses today), assuring a proper recollection of history from multiple points of view.

4.  Next up would be Information Operations (IO), the comprehensive understanding of the mind-space across all boundaries, cultural and otherwise, and the ability–assuming morality which the US does NOT have in sufficient measure today–to project one's understanding in a form that is both shareable and acceptable to others.  It is not possible to force feed minds in cyber-space nor it is possible to fool all of the people all of the time.

5.  Next would be the integrity of one's own cyber infrastructure, with the emphasis being on reliability, speed, interconnectivity, and overall contribution to the political-legal, socio-economic, ideo-cultural, techno-demographic, and natural-geographic health of the nation.  This should include, but not obsess on, being able to detect, deter, and defeat intrusions by unauthorized parties both inside and outside.

6.  Last is the ability to interfere with the cyber-capability of others.  As a general rule, dong harm to other people's computers is infantile at best and psychopathic at worst.  It's not worth the expense or the blowback.

Holistic is a most interesting word, and helpful in making the point that you cannot have smart spies in the context of a dumb nation, nor can you have proper Human Intelligence (HUMINT) unless you have a grip on all fifteen slices of HUMINT, not just the four classified ones (all of them completely mis-managed at this time, but that's not news–news is that we still don't have a clue about how to leverage the eleven unclassified slices.

Below is a graphic created for a report that L-3 was supposed to give to then DNI John Negroponte.  The report can be seen at World Brain 104, which also links to World Brain 101, World Brain 102, and World Brain 103.  The bottom line: holistic cyber-power is all human minds connected to all information in all languages all the time, in order to create a prosperous world at peace.  Anything detrimental to that is a cancer meriting surgical removal.

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