Who’s Who in Peace Intelligence: Michael Vlahos

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Michael Vlahos

Michael Vlahos is Professor of Strategy at the United States Naval War College. His is the author of Fighting Identity: Sacred War and World Change, an analysis of how war — as sacred ritual — shapes collective identity: And what it means in culture to be human. His career includes service in the Navy, the CIA, Johns Hopkins SAIS, and the State Department. An historian-anthropologist of war, he focuses on the relationships between civilizations, and the creative syncretism that is at the heart of change in history. He appears and posts on Huffington, the National Journal, and the John Batchelor Radio program (WABC).

Selected Contributions

Part I: America, Enemy of Change, Midwife of the Future (Kosmos)

Part II: Dark Lord, Dark Victory: America's Dark Passage (Kosmos)

Review: Fighting Identity–Sacred War and World Change (The Changing Face of War)

Reference: Michael Vlahos on Imperial Court

Current Commentaries at Huffington Post

2004 Vlahos (US) The Muslim Renovatio and US Strategy

Colonial Britain, Neocolonial America?

Why America Is Like Imperial Spain (Part I)

Why America Is Like Imperial Spain (Part II)

Did We Lose the War?

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