Event: 20-22 Jan Washington DC For the People Summit


A year ago, on January 21, 2010, the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision on Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission opened the door to unlimited and often anonymous spending to influence our elections. We invite you to mark the anniversary by joining a call to action.

The FOR THE PEOPLE SUMMIT in Washington DC, Jan 20-22, 2011 will bring together many of the nation’s leading policy experts, grassroots organizers, and netroots innovators to collaborate on immediate and long-term strategies to protect our elections and policy-making from manipulation by multi-national corporations whose immense wealth is drowning out the voices of We the People.

Events will include:

Confirmed participants include Lawrence Lessig of Fix Congress First, Marge Baker of People for the American Way, John Bonifaz of Free Speech for People, David Cobb of Move to Amend, Lisa Graves of Center for Media and Democracy, Michael Ostrolenk of Transpartisan Center, Heather Booth formerly of Americans for Financial Reform, Phil Aroneanu of 350.org, Dean Baker of Center for Economic and Policy Research, Judith Freeman of New Organizing Institute, Walt Roberts of Changing the Game, as well as representatives of the Sunlight Foundation, Common Cause, Public Citizen, Public Campaign, Alliance for Democracy, the Backbone Campaign, City Life Vida Urbana, the Coffee Party, the Institute for Policy Studies, and Voters for Peace.

Together, we can rein in corporate influence using legislative and institutional fixes, and initiate a new era of civic engagement, united as We the People. Please watch our video invitation, and go to www.MovementForThePeople.org to find out more about our new media, netroots, and grassroots initiatives, with exciting events being organized across the country.

We have only begun building this coalition, and we looking for more sponsoring and endorsing organizations. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details: mailto:summit@coffeepartyusa.com

* (301) 259-1842.

Thank you,
Annabel Park of Coffee Party USA

Phi Beta Iota: Notably absent are  the Tea Party, No Labels, IndependentVoters.org, and Americans Elect.  This is still fringe, but fringe is getting traction, and if there is a massive financial crash in 2011, politics as we know it may be “remixed.”

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