Event(s): Some Upcoming Social Media & Tech Events

Event List with Links

Selected Events with Direct Links:

12 January 2011 Las Vegas  Influence People (one-day social media marketing conference)

12 January 2011 Stanford NextGen Conference (entrepreneurs and venture capitalists)

20-21 January 2011 San Francisco First Annual Gamification Summit

20 January 2011 Washington, D.C. L2 Social Graph Clinic

21 January 2011 Boulder MongoDB open source non-relational database conference

31 January 3 February 2011 Toronto Social Media for Government

8 February 2011 Atlanta Mongo Atlanta open source non-relational database conference

14-17 February 2011 Washington Social Media for Government

11 March 2011 San Jose International (Multi-Lingual) Search Summit

22-24 March 2011 Washington, D.C. Info360 (Workers Create, Share, and Consume Information)

4 April 2011 Munich International (Multi-Lingual) Search Summit

6-8 April 2011 Phoenix Mobile Learning Experience 2011

24-26 May 2011 Gateshead UK Thinking Digital

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