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1.  There is nothing “national” about the open source center.  It is a little very expensive cesspool that puts on  airs and lies to every potential client it can reach while being completely unable to rein in, add value to, or even understand the hundreds of millions being wasted by DoD and to a lesser but still significant extent the Department of Homeland Security, the Underground and IED “joint” centers, and so on.

2.  Community Open Source Program Office no longer exists (nor does Global Futures Partnership, a brilliant concept destroyed by the same bureaucrats that could not handle COSPO).  To this day, the only decent OSINT leader in the USG is Joe Markowitz, and the only decent OSINT Strategy is the one created by Joe Markowitz.  Joe made two mistakes: he let MITRE lie to the CIA and let CIA take over OSINT; and he did not get an OSINT Program Line when he could have, with Bill Studeman, Arnie Donahue, and Don Gessman as the empowered adults.  Once Jim Clapper's favorite boys and girls got into play (e.g. Joan Dempsey back then, Tish Long today), all was lost.  These people are gracious senior clerks, nothing more.   Mike McConnell and now Jim Clapper have both had a chance to get OSINT right, and both have chosen to go along with pork rather than actually do something new and useful that could help the IC “beat the curve” on the way down to $40 billion.

3.  This web site is an impoverished but relevant portal to everything that the US Government and the US Intelligence Community are ignoring.  One day we may have leaders who actually want to get it right–until then, what pass for defense and intelligence are nothing more than administered pork.

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