Seven Answers–Robert Steele in Rome

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The Questions:

1) Mr. Steele, you co-founded Earth Intelligence Network. Which are its main objectives?

2) You created the concepts of Smart Nation, Information Arbitrage, and Information Peacekeeping. May you explain them briefly?

3) You also point to the need of a faith-based global intelligence exchange. What do you mean?

4) When you speak about the sharing across the eight “tribes” of intelligence (academia, civil society, commercial, government, law enforcement, media, military, non-profit), which specific approach to intelligence do you suggest?

5) You argue that proper use of intelligence material derived from open sources (OSINT) could replace some of the more secret (and expensive) aspects of intelligence collection, claiming that “OSINT will displace 80% of the dollars devoted to secret sources and methods…”. But is OSINT really intelligence?

6) A close relationship between intelligence and diplomacy always existed. Which do you think should be the evolution of this relationship to counter the emerging threats and specifically the role of intelligence services in backing the negotiating and mediating efforts of governments?

7) Wild Card…

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