$100 What from How Many Trillions?

07 Other Atrocities, Budgets & Funding

Big Number Problem

Short Video Explains Hypocrisy of Proposed Cuts

Summary:  From the stack pictured here, imagine one penny being taken off.  That is the nature of the proposed cuts.  Watch short video.

Rule One: Mandatory entitlements and spending are PORK.  Anyone with an ounce of integrity would start there, eliminating subsidies, corporate entitlements, tax fraud tolerance, and so on.

Rule  Two: Discretionary spending is so heavily weighted toward defense and intelligence that it is EASY to find $250 billion for redirection.  Nothing would make the Phi Beta Iota collective happier than to see all those “butts in seats” swinging a pick-axe in a road gang.

Rule Three: If the government does not start taxing the wealthy and getting OUR financial house in order, deep changes in government are likely to be demanded by the public in 2011-2012.  A complete tax boycott is one reasonable option.

Tip of the Hat to Rutledge McGhee, SAS ’70, at Facebook.

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