Definitions: Netness & the Autonomous Internet

Autonomous Internet, Definitions


Sheldon Renan:


All things want to be connected — because the more things are connected the better they work. Now the scale and intimacy of connectivity is increasing (accelerating) at a scary rate. We don't see it, but we do sense it. The term “netness” characterizes our new state-of-being as connectivity becomes increasingly ubiquitous, our lives increasingly “entangled.”

Recognizing netness leads to recognizing this simple principle: connectivity is the most important enabler of creating of new value. Forget Moore's Law. It is extending connectivity across and beyond networks that increases knowledge, safety, collaboration and (critical for eCommers) access to new models and markets.

Limit connectivity and you limit opportunity. Connect the unconnected and you hugely improve odds for success. Netness offers a powerful conceptual tool for guiding innovation and governance going forward.”

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