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Two different things.  This entire website is about OSINT and its follow-on, M4IS2.

On OSINT as a first stop:  OSINT Starting Point

See Also:  Original BASIC Table and  Original COMMUNITIES Table

Both of the latter have been superceded by this web site, which is the new portal for OSINT and M4IS2.

On Clarity as a concept: there is no specific posting on this.  It is one of the “core values” for intelligence on earth, along with diversity, integrity, and sustainability–the first three are practices, the last is the desired outcome.  Clarity can be considered the opposite of secrecy–indeed, the three core values can be considered the anti-thesis of secrecy, because secrecy is inherent obscure, unilateral or exclusive, and lacking in integrity at multiple levels (fraudulent collection, poor processing, non-existent analytics, and grave misrepresentation including outright lies to the President or other key clients).  Clarity of means (revenue), ways (force structure), and ends (strategy and policy) is fundamental.  Clarity without diversity or integrity is a lie.

See for example:

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Reference: Frog 6 Guidance 2010-2020

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