TCP/IP Alternative Solution Scenarios

Autonomous Internet

From Scott at SolarNetOne via GoogleGroup on DistributedDecentralizedInternet

TCP/IP over quantum entanglement

TCP/IP over frequency ranges not yet used

TCP/IP over Tesla's scalar impulses

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Free Space Optics

Contextual Comment Below the Line

Hi All,

Having read some profiles and posts, I am going to throw out a few ideas based on the premise that “if you do not like the management methods of the current system, make your own system.”  The system in question is the lowest level of the network.  We can power our machines autonomously via a variety of means.  We can make our machines run stably and relatively securely.  What we cannot control, and what seems to be the point of the discussion, is the upstream
network's stability, politics, and barriers to access.  The point here is that we should not throw out the baby with the bathwater simply because satellite and cellular data service is expensive, cable and phone lines are filtered, and mesh networks are not yet robust or tuned well enough for the liking of most.  By addressing the problem at the correct layer, it can be most easily solved.

OK, time for some raw ideas for a new physical layer not yet in existence… get there first, and its yours to do with as you please, being the gist of the idea:

See Links Above

All require a roomful of specialized genius type folks.  Personally, I think the latter of the above will be the easiest to bring to fruition and will most closely resemble the desired final outcome, although I have thoughts on all three, if anyone is willing to discuss pushing back the edge of reality a bit to meet the needs of civilization.


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