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Two new reviews of The Pentagon Labyrinth: 10 Short Essays to Help You Through It appeared yesterday and today.

One is from Dina Rasor; “A New Guide to Reform the Pentagon Even if You Feel Overwhelmed by the Mess” appears at Truthout.org.

The other is from David Isenberg; “How to Take Proper Aim at a Target Rich Environment” appears at Huffington Post.

Both of these, and a lot more about this book (including the book itself), appear at the Project on Government Oversight’s unique website.  There are also many materials at the website of our own Straus Military Reform Project.

Both of these new reviews of the book provide useful insights and commentary to give the reader a good idea of what The Pentagon Labyrinth is all about.  I urge you to read them.

However, some will know and point out that these two reviewers have worked with me and several of Labyrinth’s authors for years, in some cases decades.  Of course, Rasor and Isenberg are going to give this new anthology positive comments, you might think–even if I and others have debated many issues with both of them over the years, had no say over what they wrote, didn’t know what they wrote before it was published, or even if they had written anything.

However, I have a challenge to those of you who might be skeptical of the work of the authors in this anthology (myself included) or even to those of you who consider yourselves unconvinced or neutral observers or who might be too new to defense work to have taken any particular side on the questions we address: read The Pentagon Labyrinth, and any selection of the historic materials we have made available, and tell us what you think directly, or write a public review and send me a link to it.  (Download the text of Labyrinth at either the Straus or POGO websites noted above, or send me an e-mail with your snail mail address and I will send you a hard copy.)

None of us are too wizened to learn new insights; actually, we are eager for it, and we think a serious debate of the issues is important and too rare in Washington.  Let’s get one started.

Without making any specific promises, I will attempt to provoke a response to your critical review from one or more of the authors of The Pentagon Labyrinth and/or will endeavor that your incisive and critical review be posted at our own and the other websites that support The Pentagon Labyrinth.

Winslow T. Wheeler
Straus Military Reform Project
Center for Defense Information
301 791-2397

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