Department of State at MIT: NYT still the source of record, and we assume CIA on top of social media….but I’ve just been fired for being honest about DoD mistreatment of Private Manning…

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Phillip Crowley
Philip J. Crowley
Assistant Secretary

Bureau of Public Affairs

Speaking at MIT's Center for Civic Media

Phi Beta Iota: Worth reading, candid, interesting at multiple levels, not least of which is that the New York Times is still his source of record, and he assumes that CIA has a grip on social media–never mind that Jim Clapper just got slammed for not having a clue on precisely that.  Good people trapped in a bad system…

Just in:

Clinton's spokesman quits after questioning treatment of WikiLeaks suspect

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton's chief spokesman resigned Sunday, three days after he publicly criticized the treatment in confinement of WikiLeaks suspect Army Pfc. Bradley Manning as “counterproductive and stupid.”

Phi Beta Iota: This man should have been honored for telling the truth.  You can tell a great deal about a government by how it handles such situations.

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