MondoNet: Global Democratized Network

Autonomous Internet
Venessa Miemis

Below from a team at Rutgers University focused on the same objectives as Next Net, but more structured.

Story about them:

Beyond the Internet: MondoNet, a global wireless mesh network

By Stuart Corner
iwire, Friday, 29 April 2011 16:07

A team from Rutgers University is trying tocreate the next generation version of the Internet, dubbed MondoNet, based on a global mesh of wireless access points that would be resistant to surveillance and state censorship and control.

10 Social Specifications for a Democratized Network

1. Decentralized
2. Universally Accessible
3. Censor-Proof
4. Surveillance-Proof
5. Secure
6. Scalable
7. Permanent
8. Fast (Enough)
9. Independent
10. Evolvable

their vision is pretty much the same idea that's been discussed here… local community solutions first, then becoming regionally interconnected, then go global. then they point out a lot of projects that are being worked on… i think members from many of those groups are here……. and then they cover some of the legal and regulatory questions that have also been posed here….

i'll reach out to them and see if they want to team up with anyone here already working on this stuff.

here's their draft pdf

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