Reference: Satellite Broadband Footprints

IO Technologies

Bentley Walker offers a vehicular or roof-mounted satellite broadband ground station that appears quite attractive for any enterprise or any religion interested in assuring its faithful of access to information services.

Here are their broadband maps for each of the key regions.

North Africa (W6, AM22, W7)

Central and Southern Africa (W3A & Telstar 11N)

Middle East & Afghanistan (Sesat2, W7, W3A, W6)

Central Asia (W6, Sesat2, W7)

South America (AB1)

North and Eastern Europe (EB3, W3A, W7)

Western Europe (W3A, W6, W7)

For rural USA and survivalists skeptical of normal Internet Service Providers, see SkywayUSA (AMC-15).  This does require telephone service to start and stop satellite access.

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