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2012 is a marvelous opportunity to apply intelligence with integrity.  Mature intelligence, with integrity totally ingrained, would integrate history, science, faith, and cultural diversity.

Graphic: The New Craft of Intelligence

Graphic: Information Operations (IO) Cube

There are three approaches to 2012 aftermath:

1.  Ignore the clearly defined probabilities of multiple catastrophic events.

2.  Plan for survival of a pre-selected elite, keep the public in the dark.

3.  Educate the public as quickly as possible, flip the paradigms of failure in 2011, count on the diversity of humanity to make the best of it in the face of multiple challenges.

What we do know is that changes to the Earth that used to take 10,000 years now take three (or less); that the frequency and severity of storms is on a firm upward curve with human fatalities keeping pace; that coastal nuclear facilities along the Rim of Fire are highly likely to suffer inundation and melt-down; that no one has been serious about nuclear waste storage; and that we are at “peak”everything with particular reference to energy, health, and water.  In the face of all this, the center of gravity would appear to be a combination of striving to achieve infinite free clean energy; the connection of the three billion extreme poor to one another and the Internet via OpenBTS and related open (free) technologies; and the rapid dissemination of knowledge about “true cost” of everything to include public demand for transparency to the point that corruption and waste are eliminated.   There is exactly one infinite resource on Earth: the human brain.  That is also the least developed, connected, or exploited resource on Earth.  That is what we need to change.

A few links of possible interest:

2012 The Awakening.  Whereas the Left Behind series well exemplified the power of the use of fear- and pride-based imagination to effectively manipulate people, constructive visionary Bill Douglas understands that there could be an antidote. Dreaming of it may just be the first step to a real “Awakening”! –Coleen Rowley, former FBI Agent-Minneapolis Division Counsel and one of TIME Magazine's “Whistleblower” Persons of the Year, 2002

The Aquarians: 2012 – A New Era Begins.  According to the ancient Mayan calendar, time as we know it will stop on December 21st, 2012. But what does this actually mean? Rebecca Larson, senior dolphin behaviorist at SeaWorld, San Diego, has a theory. She believes that the cooperative way dolphins live is the very reason they have thrived on earth for millions of years. What's more, she sees the end of the Mayan calendar as a moment when humans may truly begin to integrate these same peaceful behaviors.

The Mystery of 2012: Predictions, Prophecies, and Possibilities.   The Mystery of 2012. An invaluable resource for readers who want to learn more about this time of change, this fascinating book features essays from dozens of prominent thinkers.

Aftermath: Prepare For and Survive Apocalypse 2012.  Describing himself as a “doomsayer,” not a “naysayer,” he eschews global warming as the greatest threat to mankind today in favor of a massive burst of solar activity, a crack in the earth's magnetic shield that destroys the world's electric-generating power, acts of terrorism, a nuclear event, or any number of other grim scenarios with consequences devastating enough to challenge the global population's will to survive.

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