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Benjamin P. Brownell

Multidisciplinary freelance design artist and moonlight cultural theoristician
Rogue Valley, Jefferson State USA.

Today (2011):

Studying and implementing sustainably abundant economic systems and enterprise
Organizing local participatory democracy and ‘Gov2.0’ awareness/action
Practicing collaborative frameworks and group process facilitation
Developing a curation platform for engaging eco-social ‘good news’
Improvising interactive multimedia presentations for live events
Creating unique aesthetic natural built environments and landscapes
Appreciating a rich, safe, healthy, comfortable town/ecosystem that outdoes itself as Home

Seeking inspiration and partnership for constructive endeavors abroad and online


BA Physics (astronomy) Pomona College, CA, 1999

Digital video production, non-profit sustainability education ~3 years

Ecovillage study and design practice ~4 years

Architecture and natural building ~3 years

Transmedia, Regenerative Enterprise ~2 years

Networks, systems, collective wisdom strategy ~1 yr

Following 6 years of study and practice in sustainable community development and design internationally, I committed to folding the fruits (and thus seeds) of Permaculture and cooperativism into popular culture and the mass media. Borrowing from traditional oral transmission patterns and mythological information systems, I see that we are rediscovering limitless “virtual” circles of sharing and veneration via powerful new digital tools, selecting the new meta-stories and memes to shape our future post-conflict. As a student of the rich open knowledgebases growing in support of this culture-crafting, I proceed with personal conviction and collegial strength, resting on deep passion and belief.

Calculated risk for great reward has led memorably through 20 years of avid mountain climbing and other transcendental experience, solo and partnered. My domestic background leaps from architecture and astrophysics to camel husbandry and council facilitation, blending iconoclasm and leadership with invitations to expanded possibility. In the context of mounting global challenges, I believe in empowering citizens for informed resolution process and greater-sum games, bringing notable and uplifting achievements to the fore, at all levels. Noisy info is rather overwhelming us now, and pure entertainment is often rated of higher value to society at large. Strong message streams must find ways to bridge from one to the other, with open access for compound feedback: Sense + Sentiment (x Synergy) = (social) Success.

This has been my vision for the sustainability movement since finding such rich fulfillment, delight, humour and joy at every turn in my own explorations there coupled to the much needed practical wisdom that is offered for living harmoniously with people and planet. My bravest calling is the opportunity to socially map the meaning of such stories for positive impact and incorporation in broad audiences. Starting at my own center, I amplify the common carrier waves of the elegant future that’s calling to all of us, that is in fact already real.

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