Defense Insanity: U.S. Military Dependent on Russian Pilots and Planes


Defense Insanity: U.S. Military Dependent on Russian Pilots and Planes

By George Landrith May 17, 2011 6:18 am
The U.S. is hiring the Russians to deliver sensitive equipment and supplies to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Why? Because the U.S. military has a shortage of the highly dependable and amazingly versatile C-17 airlifter and thus we do not have enough airlift planes of our own. To make matters worse, we have no credible plan to resolve this problem.The need for C-17s will continue to grow because each year older, less reliable and less capable C-5A airlifters dating back to the 1960s are being retired from the fleet because they are over 40 years old and beginning to fail. Notwithstanding current and future shortages, the Obama Administration plans to cease future purchases of the much needed and much used C-17 airlifter. 

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Phi Beta Iota: Lacking intelligence and integrity, the US Government is incapable of creating a competent, affordable, sustainable national defense strategy, force structure, or campaign plan.  We are our own worst enemies, and particularly inept at acquisition–we can no longer procure a major system of systems.  We do need an Air Force that is equipped for long-haul, but first we need a Secretary of Defense and a President willing to be honest about their need for both intelligence (decision-support) and integrity.

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