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Monday, 23 May 2011

OPEN VENTURES: Entrepreneurial Superempowerment

Global Guerrillas

Corporations haven’t changed much organizationally since the middle ages.  They’re dinosaurs.  It’s time to turn them into history, where they belong.

As part of the new venture I’m working on, we’re developing a set of new rules that allow a new form of corporation to work much more like the Internet.  We think these changes will make these new organizations superior to our current corporate competition — both from the perspective of the person working with (not, not for) us and from the ability of these ventures to compete with the status quo.

At this point, the organization we’re building is the equivalent of the first mammal.  Very, very small relative to competition (the dinos that ruled the earth for hundreds of millions of years) but incredibly adaptive.  The rules of adaptation we’re developing will help us stay alive, and eventually (we hope) defeat the competition.  We hope you’ll decide to evolve along with us.

Here’s the first rule we think is important: if at all possible, use entrepreneurial superempowerment.

Essentially, this rule is torn from my book on global guerrilla warfare.  The same amplification that makes it possible for small groups of terrorists/guerrillas to do incredible damage/challenge nation-states can be used to build a successful organization.  In short, this rule means that you should provide the people working with your organization all of the tools they need to be economically successful.  In particular, these tools need to be networked tools.  Tools that amplify every action taken by 1,000 fold.

Further, on a motivational level, these people should be allowed to innovate.  To become entrepreneurs that are constantly striving to maximize their potential.   Allow them the flexibility to try new ideas, change up the processes used, and pioneer new areas for expansion.   The objective is to fill your entire organization with superempowered entrepreneurs.

Vae victis

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