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This is a vital search, exactly on point.  21st Century public administration must be about design.  The machine search results are disappointing.  Here are a few thoughts and some links from the human in the loop.

1.  Public Administration is not Public Management.  The administrator should be a civil servant in the fullest sense of the word, dedicated to connecting the common sense of the public to the public interest through transparency, truth, and trust.  The acme of skill for a public administrator is to harness the distributed intelligence of the collective, to enable the collective to connect to all information in all languages all the time, and to enable real-time integrated humanities, faith, and science in the service of all humanity.

2.  Design is the acme of skill for the public administrator in the new century.  However, the design must be holistic, taking into account the  importance of eradicating all ten high-level threats to humanity by harmonizing the policies and spending of all stakeholders across the twelve core policies, with particular respect for the concerns of the eight demographic challengers.

3.  Intelligence (decision-support) and integrity are the twin elements that in combination enable holistic design.  If it is not holistic, it is not design but rather a kludge that is unsustainable.

4.  Buckminster Fuller, Medard Gabel, Russell Ackoff, and John N. Warfield are especially noteworthy as sources.  Richard Falk was decades ahead of his time and uniquely is still with us today (2011).

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