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There was nothing on this site other than the flooding maps, and the long-running commentary on nuclear plants vulnerable to earthquakes and tsunami.  Thank you for the search.  The bottom lines for us are two:

1)  Truth at any cost lowers all other costs

2)  Vested interests cannot be trusted to tell the truth

Below is a map of US nuclear facilities highly vulnerable to “unpredicted” earthquakes and tsunamis.

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Combine that with the previously posted maps of flooding outcomes and US counties dependent on levees to hold water back, and you have a magnified threat of both flooding and nuclear radiation.

Catastrophe occurs when planning is irresponsible.  It is quite safe to say that the US Government has been terribly irresponsible for decades,  lacking in both intelligence and integrity as well as faith in the common sense and good judgment of We the People.

We have no special knowledge on polar shifting, the change in magnetic fields, or related events.  Our general speculative assumption is that 2012 will be a year of awakening, and that dramatic global disasters, if they occur, will be met by equally dramatic emergent collective intelligence.  Government will decline substantially in size, revenue, and influence.  Non-governmental organizations and civil societies, armed with open mind-sets and a predisposition to share information for the common good, will gradually become central to human decision-making across all issues.  As Seth Godin and others point out, the human paradigm is shifting from competition to cooperation, from greed to civilization-building.  The good in humanity is emergent, in our view.

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