John Robb: State Failure, Deep Resistance, Open War

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John Robb

Anonymous declares war on Facebook.

For those of you interested in how global guerrilla warfare theory is being applied in the wild, here’s a book for you:  Deep Green Resistance (by Derrick Jenson,  Aric McBay, and Lierre Keith). Here’s a little on their ecowarfare strategy from their website, and some more on how they use open source warfare and systems disruption.  At this point, nearly every meaningful insurgency in the world is using OSW (open source warfare).  From some of the folks behind the London riots to al Qaeda’s new “Open Source Jihad” to Lulzsec/etc. Fortunately for these groups, the US military and their consultants are mired in 20th Century counter-insurgency (COIN), fighting farmers/herders in global backwaters.

Vinay Gupta has put up 4.3 Gb of data/presentations/thinking on surviving state failure.  Some good STAR TIDES stuff in there.

Ancestral Health Conference.  Coincidentally, getting healthy is completely in alignment with resilience.

PeoplePower. “An open-source platform for learning about nonviolent regime change.”

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