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William Pfaff on Libya

Libya, Egypt, Tunesia: the Arabs did it themselves

Absence of direct US presence in Libya enabled rebel momentum.

Washington's allegiance to Israel makes it impotent in Arabia.

America now more hates in Egypt, Pakistan, and Afghanistan than ever before.

The United States has made itself the enemy of the Muslim world.

Saudi Lust for Libya–The Heir Prances

Royals dancing in palace corridors have been spotted in Riyadh. The heir to the Libyan throne, Prince al-Senussi, a nephew of King Idriss who was deposed by Muammar Gaddafi and others in a bloodless 1969 military coup, has embarked on a busy self-promotion campaign, saying he's ready to go back to Libya and even “lead the country”.

Nothing in the world would be sweeter for the House of Saud – extremely distasteful of most Arab secular republics – than a friendly, brand new emirate in northern Africa.

How to Avoid Bush’s Iraq Mistakes in Libya

The illegal American invasion of Iraq and subsequent occupation was so epochal a catastrophe that it spawned a negative phrase in Arabic, “to Iraqize” or `arqana. Tonight I heard an Alarabiya anchor ask a spokesman for the new government in Libya whether there as a danger of the country being “Iraqized.” He was taken aback and asked her what she meant. Apparently she meant chaos, civil war, no services, etc.

1.  No Western infantry or armored units should be stationed in the country.

2.  As much as possible of the current bureaucracy, police and army should be retained

3.  Establish a strong civilian oversight over police.

4.  Avoid being vindictive toward former Qaddafi supporters, and avoid purging all but the top officials from the body politic.

5.  Avoid a rush to privatize everything.

6. Consult with Norway about how it is possible for an oil state to remain a democracy.

7.  Use the Alaska dividend system to share the oil wealth with Libya’s 6.5 million people. This model was often discussed with regard to Iraq but was never implemented.

8.  Diversify the economy. The most clever way to do so is to use the petroleum receipts to promote other industries and services. Libya has a high literacy rate and could potentially attract investors to put its population to work in other sectors.

9.  Recognize Berber as a national language.

10.  Once it gets on its feet socially and economically, Libya should go forward with bruited plans to get into solar and wind energy big time.

News you may have missed #576 (Libya edition)

►►Rebels seize Libyan intelligence service HQ.

►►Gadhafi’s loose weapons could number a ‘thousand times’ Saddam’s.

►►Why Are Armed Groups Storming Foreign Embassies in Tripoli?

►►Western spies, security contractors, won Libyan war for rebels

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