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1995 Re-Inventing Intelligence The Vision and the Strategy

2012 Manifesto for Truth: Expanding the Open Source Revolution (Evolver Editions, July 2012)

Advanced Cyber/IO: Knowledge Integration

Graphic: Holistic Analytics for Nuclear-Climate

Graphic: Information Operations (IO) Cube

Reference: Human Intelligence (HUMINT)–All Humans, All Minds, All the Time

Reference: Russell Ackoff on Doing Right Things Righter

Reference: Strategic Analytic Model for Creating a Prosperous World at Peace

Review (Guest): Biophilosophy–Analytic and Holistic Perspectives

Review: Evolutionary Activism by Tom Atlee

Review: God and Science–Coming Full Circle

Review: Grand Strategies — Literature, Statecraft, and World Order

Review: Holistic Darwinism: Synergy, Cybernetics, and the Bioeconomics of Evolution

Review: Ideas and Integrities–A Spontaneous Autobiographical Disclosure

Review: Integral Consciousness and the Future of Evolution

Review: Making Learning Whole–How Seven Principles of Teaching can Transform Education

Review: Mapping the Moral Domain: A Contribution of Women’s Thinking to Psychological Theory and Education

Review: Measuring Evolution

Review: New World New Mind–Moving Toward Conscious Evolution

Review: Nonzero–The Logic of Human Destiny

Review: Philosophy and the Social Problem–The Annotated Edition

Review: Sacred Economics – Money, Gift, and Society in the Age of Transition

Review: The Ecology of Commerce–A Declaration of Sustainability

Review: The Empathetic Civilization–the Race to Global Consciousness in a World of Crisis

Review: The Living Universe

Review: The Philosophy of Sustainable Design

Review: The Search for Security–A U.S. Grand Strategy for the Twenty-First Century

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Stuart Umpleby: Papers on Reflexivity, Soros Reviews

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