Search: visualisation of collections management


These slides are responsive to your search intent, with five forms of collection management thought: by the mission area, by the broad target class, by the level of analysis, by the tribe, or by the discipline.


Graphic: The New Craft of Intelligence

Graphic: Global Intelligence Collection Failure

Graphic: Global Intelligence Processing Failure

By the Mission Area:

Graphic: Holistic Analysis

Graphic: Holistic Analytics for Nuclear-Climate

By the Target:

Graphic: Four Global Belligerent Groups Today

Graphic: Four Threat Classes

Graphic: Ten High-Level Threats to Humanity

By the Level of Analysis:

Graphic: OSINT Support to Four Levels of Analysis

Graphic: Herring Triangle of Four Levels Need & Cost

Graphic: OSINT & Universal Coverage at Local Level

Graphic: Threat Level Changes Depending on the Level of Analysis

By the Tribe:

Graphic: President and Humanity

Graphic: Collection Sophistication

Graphic: Information Commons & Eight Tribes

Graphic: The UN and the Eight Tribes of Intelligence

By the Discipline:

Graphic: OSINT, Missions, & Disciplines

Graphic: OSINT, We Went Wrong, Leaping Forward

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