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There is only one truly Whole Earth model concept that we are aware of, and that is the one created by Medard Gabel, #2 to Buckminster Fuller in creating the analog World Game, and himself creator of the EarthGame that is a fully integrated part of the Earth Intelligence Network (EIN) “six bubbles” concept for global self-governance.

There are several obstacles to arriving at a Whole Earth model.

1)  Knowledge is fragmented beyond belief.

2)  True cost information is not a standard–as much as 80% of the true cost of a good (e.g. a gallon of gas or a toy make in China) can be externalized to the public–water, fuel, child labor, tax avoidance, social costs, etcetera.

3)  What little information is available to be shared is in stovepipes, not part of the Open Data Access protocol.

4)  Other than the strategic analytic model created by EIN, no one has truly conceptualized an “all in” model for beginning to understand how everything is connected and everything has seventh generation implications.

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