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Robert David STEELE Vivas

I was asked to come in and do this one, and did so gladly.  Public intelligence in the public interest, done with integrity, is the global brain.  The human brain is the only inexhaustible resource we have, and Priority One should be to empower the five billion poor with connectivity first, and access to all possible knowledge, free, second.  That will create infinite wealth and a prosperous world at peace.  Those who oppose this are selfish and simple — in no way does this goal reduce the ill-gotten gains of those few who have profited at the expense of the many all these years — Truth & Reconciliation, rather than Impeachment and Hanging, is what we offer to those few.  They should take the deal and be glad to get it.  St.

WordPress can deal with – but not ably – compound questions  —  one reason why those who try to substitute technology for human thinking will always be severely challenged in the world of intelligence (decision-support).   Automated search does not do nuances.  Consider also using the new directories for major sets (Articles, Briefings, Graphics, RECAPs, & Searches) and remember that this web-site is the front end to (40,000 pages, 800 contributors) and (1000 pages, 24 contributors).  The Remixed Review Lists (70) are now a year out of date, but still an excellent starting point.

Negatives had to be excluded.  We do not have a world brain today because governments and corporations are corrupt and deliberately blocking all possible initiatives associated with “Open Everything.”  Right now corruption, fraud, gambling, and pornography rule.

The next “shift” for good might be among the young and world presidents, stimulated by their membership out of Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, the Iranian diasphora, Russia, and Venezuela.  It is obvious that the one billion rich with a one trillion a year economy have been both well and ill served by predatory industrial-era capitalism, and that the next big big new new thing is capitalism of, by, and for the five billion poor with a four trillion a year economy.  Lacking has been the shared open source agency, analytic model, and real-time information sharing grid to achieve near-real-time identification and satisfaction–for profit and in a sustainable manner–all global to local needs.

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Global brain aka world brain aka global mind
Human brain aka human intelligence aka models for thinking
Human brain manifest in networks


These are left in one group in the spirit of DavidWinberger's Everything is Miscellaneous: The Power of the New Digital Disorder.  The human brain and the global information technology grid are morphing into a global brain aka noosphere, but very slowly because the Industrial-Era governments and corporations (including educational corporations) are nearly comatose with respect to the dynamic possibilities of “letting go” the old hierarchical “command & control” ways in favor of the new bottom-up panarchic, chaordic, “swarm” ways of decision-making and time-energy allocation.

Graphic: 360 Degree View of the Frog

Graphic: Consciousness + Eight Processes

Graphic: Corruption Slide 3 Holistic Analysis

Graphic: Earth Brain, Desktop Level

Graphic: Earth Systems

Graphic: Engineering Interventions

Graphic: Epoch B Swarm Leadership

Graphic: Expanding the Open Source Revolution

Graphic: Four Forces After Next with IO

Graphic: Four Global Belligerent Groups Today

Graphic: Four Major Systems for Resilience

Graphic: Full Spectrum Human Intelligence (HUMINT)

Graphic: Global Brain at Infancy (Facebook)

Graphic: Global Intelligence Collection Failure

Graphic: Global Intelligence Processing Failure

Graphic: Global Range of Nano-Needs

Graphic: Global Threats to Local Survival (1990′s)

Graphic: Holistic Analysis

Graphic: Holistic Analytics for Nuclear-Climate

Graphic: Human Intelligence (HUMINT) 101 (Wrong Way)

Graphic: Human Intelligence (HUMINT) 102 (Right Way)

Graphic: Human Intelligence (HUMINT) J-2 Central

Graphic: Information Commons & Eight Tribes

Graphic: Information Operations (IO) Cube

Graphic: Information Operations (IO) Eras

Graphic: Information Pathologies

Graphic: Information Sharing–Going for the Green

Graphic: Integrity in All Respects

Graphic: Jim Bamford on the Human Brain

Graphic: Knowledge, Trust, & Development

Graphic: Life 101-The Tetrahedron

Graphic: Life 102–Open Everything

Graphic: Linear versus Diamond Paradigm

Graphic: Michael Markowitz Consumer Needs Hierarchy

Graphic: Maslow Hierarchy of Needs

Graphic: May the Crowd Be With You…

Graphic: Medard Gabel’s Cost of Peace versus War

Graphic: Multinational IO + OSINT = IO2

Graphic: Muslim (Islam) Spread Worldwide

Graphic: Network Learning Path to the Future

Graphics: Network-Oriented Resilience Metrics

Graphic: One Vision for the Future of Microsoft

Graphic: Open Everything

Graphic: Opening the World 1 of 2

Graphic: Opening the World 2 of 2

Graphic: Open Process

Graphic: Open Source Agency Clients & Commanders

Graphic: Open Source Agency Broad Concept

Graphic: Open Source Agency Broad Organization

Graphic: OSINT DOSC MDSC as Kernel for Global Grid to Meet Stabilization & Reconstruction as Well as Whole of Government Policy, Acquisition, and Operations Support

Graphic: OSINT Global Pyramid from OSIS-X to Intelink-X

Graphic: OSINT Support to Four Levels of Analysis

Graphic: Panarchy

Graphic: Panarchy as Ecological Resilience System

Graphic: Panarchy Pace Layering (Stewart Brand)

Graphic: Panarchy The Self in Hyperconnectivity

Graphic: Paradigm Change

Graphic: Participatory Budget Outreach

Graphic: Participatory Polyarchy

Graphic: Peer to Peer Governance

Graphic: Pre-Conditions of Revolution

Graphic: President and Humanity

Graphic: Principles of War versus Principles of Peace

Graphic: Reality 102 Strategic Forces Being Ignored

Graphic: Robert Steele Adopts Buckminster Fuller

Graphic: Rolf Sattler’s Dynamic Mandala Map

Graphic: Science, Religion, & Philosophy

Graphic: Simplified World Conflict Map

Graphic: Six Circles–Earth Intelligence Network Operational Concept

Graphic: Smart Nation Through Four Reforms

Graphic: Smart Nation World Brain Pyramid

Graphic: Smart Nations

Graphic: Strategic Analytic Matrix

Graphic: Ten High-Level Threats to Humanity

Graphic: The Economic Pyramid

Graphic: The Four Quadrants of Knowledge

Graphic: The Global Brain

Graphic: The New Craft of Intelligence

Graphic: The Revolution Will Be Tweeted

Graphic: The UN and the Eight Tribes of Intelligence

Graphic: Threat Level Changes Depending on the Level of Analysis

Graphic: Tom Atlee on Whole-System Intelligence

Graphic: Topic Maps and How We Think

Graphic: Topic Maps How We Really Think

Graphic: Twitter as an Intelligence Tool

Graphic: Two-Levels Down

Graphic: Water Stress (Global) in 2050

Graphic: Web of Fragmented Knowledge

Graphic: Wheel of Co-Creation

Graphic: White House Fixes

Graphic: Whole of Government Intelligence

Graphic: World Brain Eight Core Sharing Functions

Reference: World Map of Social Networks

Robert Garigue & Robert Steele: From Old IO to New IO

Worth a Look: CrowdMap (Beta)

Worth a Look: Wealth-Generating Economies

Global brain aka world brain aka global mind

2003 Lewis (UNIDIR) Creating the Global Brain: The United Nations

About: EarthGame and World Brain

Chinese View of Internet + Internet of Things = Wise Earth aka World Brain and Global Game

Definitions: M4IS2 (Multinational, Multiagency, Multidisciplinary, Multidomain Information-Sharing & Sense-Making

Journal: Nature-Hand-Held-Cloud-World Brain

MUST READ CAPSTONE WORK: Noosphere — The Next Stage in the Evolution of Human Consciousness, A Testimony by Jose Arguelles

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Strategic Phasing Toward World Brain & Global Game

Who’s Who in Collective Intelligence: Jerome Glenn

Who’s Who in Earth Intelligence: Medard Gabel

World Brain & Global Game 101-104

Worth a Look: Book Reviews on World Brain and Mind

Human brain aka human intelligence aka models for thinking

2010 INTELLIGENCE FOR EARTH: Clarity, Diversity, Integrity, & Sustainability

2010 M4IS2 Briefing for South America — 2010 M4IS2 Presentacion por Sur America (ANEPE Chile)

Advanced Cyber/IO: Knowledge Integration

Connecting the Dots: ALL of Them

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Journal: Multi-Lingual Social Networking, Arabic First

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Review: Complex Adaptive Systems–An Introduction to Computational Models of Social Life (Princeton Studies in Complexity)

Review: Consilience–the Unity of Knowledge

Review: Critical Path

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Review: Holistic Darwinism: Synergy, Cybernetics, and the Bioeconomics of Evolution

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Worth a Look: Books on Reinventing Education

Human brain manifest in networks

1988-2009 OSINT-M4IS2 TECHINT Chronology

2011 Cyber-Command or IO 21 + IO Roots

2012 Manifesto for Truth: Expanding the Open Source Revolution (Evolver Editions, July 2012)

Ayn Rand in the 21st Century–M4IS2 Bottom-Up, Liberation Technology, and Open Everything

Bandwidth Needs, Bandwidth Options

Howard Rheingold: Infotention Skills + Citizen Intel RECAP

Hyperlink-Notes on the Future of Education (and the future is now) from Bits to Bots

Identity Authentication–People, Data, Context

Journal: Consortium Seeking Multilingual Web Standards

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Journal: Dumb Crowd Sourcing–Good Start

Journal: Google, the Cloud, Microsoft, & World Brain

Journal: Impact Investing

Journal: World’s Top Risk Data Managers


Michael Bloomberg, Vice President for Education, Intelligence, & Research — Creating a Smart Nation

Open Source Agency: Executive Access Point

Panarchy-Not Anarchy-Future of Global Governance

Participatory (Crowd-Sourced) Futures Planning

Paul Fernhout: Open Letter to the Intelligence Advanced Programs Research Agency (IARPA)

Reference: Building a University-Based Global Education – Intelligence – Research Web

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My Talk With Tom Atlee: Primer on Citizen Intelligence

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NOTE:  Above is a human-based selection from a massive database 20 years in the creation, and also not including the wealth of information in other languages that is ignored by those foolish enough to think that investments in secret foreign language interceptions is more important than investments in broader multi-lingual open source investments.  The Chinese get this — the US Government does not.

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