Seth Godin: Focus on the Dissatisfied, Seeking Real Change

Blog Wisdom
Seth Godin

People looking for ‘more of the same' aren't actively looking

While there may be a lot of them, they're satisfied with what they've got, which means that they're hard to attract.

No, the real opportunity is in reaching out to the dissatisifed, to those in search of something new.

Phi Beta Iota:  Obama was elected by an expanded “base” seeking more of the same; today, with the exceptions of Gary Johnson and Ron Paul, the Republican candidates are all focused on the wing-nut base.  The “base” is roughly 20% on each end of the spectrum–Obama won with 30% of the total eligible voters–44% did not vote.  That's the 44% that could elect a sane honest President and a sane honest coalition team in 2012–that 44% could be expanded to 66% by embracing the sane honest Republicans and the sane honest Democrats who are disgusted by the pervasive corruption and illegitimacy of the wing nut vs nanny state mobs that today define America to the rest of the world–“idiot America,” “predatory America.”  We can do better.

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