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From the YouTube description:

Amazing testimony of ex CIA Asset Susan Lindauer. 5 years of legal troubles, 1 year in prison for daring to tell the truth. During the Bush era the top controllers of the governmental mechanics of Defense and national Security wanted to have a war with Iraq. They got their wish and anyone who got in the way were dealt with severely no matter if they violated a law or not. Not brought to trial she was jailed under the “Patriot Act” which amounted to summary punishment outside a Verdict in a court of law. She was punished in jail without a trial at all This is part of her story that is just unfolding now. She has waited 10 years to tell this story.

Extreme Prejudice – CIA Whistle Blower Susan Lindauer PDX 911Truth

Phi Beta Iota Summary of Presentation:

November 2000:  Already had framework agreement with Iraqi government for peace trading off inspections and special oil deals for US, FBI task force into Baghdad to conduct terrorism investigations.

April 2001 [five months prior to 9/11]:  As chief asset for Iraqi Embassy and Libya House, a back channel handled by CIA NOC, privy to every major exchange, CIA tasked her to investigate report on 9/11 via direct query to Iraqis seeking actionable intelligence on plan to hijack and fly airplanes into WTC.  Iraq hated terrorists and Islamic jihadis, they were one of the best US sources on terrorism during the 1990's.  Iraqi answer: send FBI now.  Seriously.  Did it nicely.  CIA NOC freaked, threw a screaming fit, what CIA wanted was an ugly loud threatening “demand.”  Wanted a direct threat of war from highest level of government above Secretary of State and CIA Director: three men: Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld.  Those are the three people threatening war.

May 2001:  Delivered message June and July 2001:  Practically every single week my CIA NOC handler and I talked about airplane hijackings.  We all knew about it, we all were told to demand all possible details, and we were all told to threaten war if it happened.  At the same time the peace framework was turning out “glorious peace dividends.”  Iraq was offering preferential contracts for US corporations on telecommunications, health, transportation (offered to buy one million US cars every year for ten years).  My motivation for all this was to end the sanctions that destroyed Iraq, with 500,000 children (only counting 5 years and under) dying.  1 million died–genocide.  Iraqis were all for ending sanctions, US seemed focus on not being held accountable for sanctions.

August 2001:  Everyone went into high activity.  August 2 the exact day – Senate nomination hearings for Robert Mueller.  Told her CIA handler there was “not a single terrorist investigation this man has not thrown.”  CIA NOC wondered if there was no FBI Director when 9/11 happened, it's that soon.  Told her NOT to go to New York, he said CIA was afraid of a small thermo-nuclear device, expecting mass casualties.  Went anyway, Iraqi drew a blank–an honest blank.  Reported this on 6 August, same date that President got the high risk memo.  It was on this date that CIA asked her to ask Attorney General from Hill for an emergency broadcast across all US agencies for any information on 9/11 [this makes no sense but subject sounds credible].  Told that Ashcroft said CIA was paranoid [but he stopped flying commercial July 2001.]  I evidently tripped some wires with that call–it denied White House “plausible deniability.”  We knew everything with one exception: the exact day in early September when the attack would occur.  We knew in detail that special vans showed up for 10 days between 0300-0500 each day, bringing thermite bombs in and wiring the two WTC buildings.  What is important about thermite bombs is its ability to turn steel into molten steel.  This is a US military weapon not available in the private sector. I believe there was long-term advance knowledge of the attacks–Mohammed Attah was a US asset trained and controlled by the US Government.  You cannot under-state the degree to which assets were monitored.  Used Attah to guide the conspiracy but at the very end discovered these guys could not fly.

Followed by one hour Q&A.

WATCH THIS VIDEO.  Note introduction of term Al CIAeda.

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