Mini-Me: General Strike Enters Current Thinking

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“Rush and Crush.” Any questions?

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Occupy Movement Not Ready for General Strike, Says Duke Labor Historian


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Phi Beta Iota:  We agree with the Duke historian.  Occupy Oakland is making a strategic mistake in going for a General Strike.  While we hope for a positive outcome, we believe the Occupy movement should be more focused on its strategy for making a singular demand after a winter of conferencing, and on refocusing its occupations toward the specific Senators and Representatives in each state who need to understand that if they do not pass the Electoral Reform Act of 2012, they will be hounded from office beginning immediately following their failure to promise to vote for the Act.  The Statement of Demand date has been moved out to 5 January 2012.  In our view, small General Strikes should be practiced in each state, focused on the homecoming of the legislators, but a nation-wide General Strike should be reserved for 16 February–with all appropriate planning–should Congress be stupid enough to ignore this once in a lifetime opportunity to get right with God, right with the Republic, and right with We the People.

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