Mini-Me: Saudis Earmark $130 Billion for Shale Gas

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Who? Mini-Me?

Below is a SALES PITCH. However, it offers a useful view.

Standberry Research on Saudi Oil

Phi Beta Iota:  A real conspirary theorist would wonder if the “Iranian plot” was actually a half-assed Exxon plot.  The sales pitch is annoying, finally getting to the point, shale gas, but along the way, does itemize the level of commitment.  This is not a paradigm shift–it still assume centralized development, it uses water we cannot afford to give up to push the gas, and it adds chemicals to do the fracking.  In other words, it externalizes all risks and costs to the future public, while privatizing a dubious resource.

The real paradigm shift is decentralized energy and shared energy, as Buckminster Fuller envisioned.  The Saudis would be much better off creating new models of integrating housing and commercial that generate their own energy, capture all water, process their own waste, and generally leverage solar, wind, human, and other forms of energy in place.

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