Robert Steele: Coalition Cabinet in a Box

Robert David STEELE Vivas

This culls the Coalition Cabinet posts at Huffington Post out from the many other posts for ease of reference by Occupy Wall Street and others interested in changing the game.

There is only ONE candidate for President who offers the public a commitment to Electoral Reform, a Coalition Cabinet convened in advance of Election Day, and a Balanced Budget presented before Election Day.  I am that candidate.  Learn more!

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Coalition Cabinet in a Box

It’s Official — Steele Won Virtual Presidency

Virtual President Announces Coalition Cabinet

Dennis Kucinich, Vice President for the Commonwealth–and Some Details

Michael Bloomberg, Vice President for Education, Intelligence, & Research — Creating a Smart Nation

Newt Gingrich, Vice-President for Global Engagement–Waging Peace

Strategic Analytic Model for Creating a Prosperous World at Peace

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