Robert Steele: Electoral Reform Road Trip Fund-Raiser

Robert David STEELE Vivas

HATS OFF TO INDIEGOGO where this campaign to raise $10,000 has just gone live.

ElectoralReform & BigBatUSA for OWS

Johnny Appleseed for Electoral Reform Across all Occupy Sites and More

It merits comment that KickStarter rejected the campaign for reasons that are not at all clear.  If you would like to restore the integrity of the US electoral process and consequently the integrity of the US Government, this is a good place to start.

I am a member of the Politics & Electoral Reform Working Group of OccupyWallStreet, and am briefing them on this electronically now and personally next Sunday in NYC.  In my mind, electoral reform is not only the singular demand that must be made prior to 15 November, it is also the foundation for a nation-wide fund-raising campaign, BigBatUSA, to raise no less than 500 million and more likely 1-2 billion as an annual subscription for Democracy USA–$10 times 50 million is where we want to start.  The same site  that handles the fund-raising–and I anticipate it will be IndiegGOGO–will also provide for citizen intelligence, citizen policy-making, and citizen budget oversight across as many local, state, and national levels as are called for.

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