Robert Steele: Electoral Reform Road Trip – Pass It On! And Imagine Every Voter Doing $10 a Year Subscription for Democracy…

Robert David STEELE Vivas

After four years constructive unemployment, largely due to the illegal and abusive practices of DIA and DOHA that are being taken to court–I feel called to focus on Electoral Reform.

Here is the short URL for a campaign to raise $10,000 to take Electoral Reform hand-outs and stimulate electoral reform dialog across America, visiting each of the Occupy sites and where desired, stopping to help organize new Occupy sites.

The calculated cost per state is $200 for gas and oil and very occasional repairs, using a 1964 MGB for visibility and because it is my remaining car and daily driver.

I think we can do this.  My objective is to achieve a Statement of Demand from across the Occupy movement, with a 15 February 2012 deadline for passage of the Electoral Reform Act of 2012, in time to assure open ballot access  and other Phase I reforms for November 2012.

In passing I will try to inspire a BigBatUSA, where every eligible voter contributes $10 a year to protect the Electoral Reform Act, elect non-partisan honest citizens, and move toward a Constitutional Amendment that takes electoral corruption out of the realm of possibility into the future.  Basic Math:  100 million x $10 = $1B a year.  200 million x $10 = $2B a year.  300 million x $10 a year = $3B a year.  Not extrapolate that out to the rest of the world paying $1 a year for Panarchy with Autonomous Internet, OpenBTS connecting the five billion poor, and it is GAME OVER on predatory capitalism, virtual colonialism, and unilateral militarism.

In passing, where there is an interest, I will discuss my concept of demanding a Coalition Cabinet and a balanced budget as preconditions for candidates desiring to be elected President–anyone who cannot choose a Coalition Cabinet and come up with a semblance of a balanced budget at least 60 days prior to Election Day is simply not qualified to be President–at the same time that any average American willing to do this is qualified–better qualified even–by virtue of integrity combined with collective intelligence.

Here is are some short URLs that I hope all of you — good people trapped in corrupt system — will pass on and or take independent action on.

The short URL for this introductory posting is:

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