Robert Steele (Video): Two-Party Tyranny, Obama Will NOT Co-Ops OWS, Violence by Provocateurs Not OWS

Robert David STEELE Vivas

Record-breaking OWS demo hits NYC


[Note:  this was recorded at 1015 EST well before the reports about eight hours later that Anarchists had penetrated the groups in Europe and were responsible for the violence.]

Former US intelligence officer Robert David Steele says that the violence in Rome was not instigated by the protesters themselves.

“I think they were penetrated by provocateurs,” he argued. “Remember that in Italy the Red Band was actually a CIA/NATO operation to fabricate terrorism in order to push Italy toward fascism. I don’t believe that the violence is coming from the demonstrators; they are being provoked.”

Steele pointed to an incident this past week in New York, where Mayor Michael Bloomberg called off a planned eviction of the protesters from a downtown park, nominally to clean up the public site.

“By basically keeping the place cleaner and more orderly than the government itself was able to,” he said, the protesters effectively – and peacefully – outmaneuvered the government. “They cannot be violent. They must demonstrate that the governments have failed and that they are superior.”

See two other video clips and full report.

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