Brief OWS Reflections


Recent Communications Regarding Some Personal Occupied Wall Street Involvements

by Jason Liszkiewicz
November 26, 2011
(This is an edited email)

Corporation$ = Persons + Money = $peech is a commonly agreed upon absurdity from what I’ve witnessed.

“Electoral reform” is language that I think turns many people off and perhaps it’s time for a makeover name-wise.  I’ve seen semantics become a problematic issue many times yet I’ve also seen that after speaking about ideas and actions beyond particular terms (and emotions), agreement could be found and a breakthrough achieved.  Overall, I don’t think the world is interested in becoming an anarchists’ “utopia” or any group’s “utopia.”  I doubt it will ever happen effectively, but I think that anarchists and “reformists” need to come together.

In my opinion, human relations cannot be rushed when it comes to “building community” which I think is absolutely essential.  But the fact is that more people need to become involved in order for strength in numbers to reach critical mass which is a long ways away.  I see meetings where people never bring up outreach or working with multiple working groups as if the small amount of people who show up to meetings is enough for some sort of “revolution,” or that someone else is taking care of that need.  It is finally being discussed more online and in-person.  Patience and persistence is essential.

The memes and demonstrations of discontent are burning globally but the vision and strategy needed to fuel effective acceleration and spreading is questionable.

There are complexities with the General Assemblies and spokes-council that are frustrating (and lack of info being uploaded to such as finance and past GA proposals) but I think the kinks can be worked out; it will take a lot of work + it’s only been alittle over 2 months + winter creeping in.

Even Russell Simmons has proposed an amendment to the Constitution in Boston and L.A.  In my opinion, it should be looked upon as a sign of new opportunities towards new forms of collaboration and not an end.  Getting more people involved throughout the nation is important while figuring out how to effectively “crowd-source” and develop better  understanding about how to achieve “consensus.”

We must overcome the barriers of ignorance, poverty, and mistrust.

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