John Robb: Open Source Insurgency and Much More

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John Robb

Some random items of interest:

Study.  Scientists finally realized the US electrical grid is too much of a patchwork to collapse with a small disruptive event.  As in: the US grid doesn't have a single systempunkt.  Not sure that matters much to global guerrillas. Why?  Basically, an attack on a high level electrical systempunkt still works well regionally (as in 50-70 m people).

Greece fires its generals.

Anonymous cancels Operation Cartel.  This entire thing was hilarious.

Interesting to see how much participation Occupy Oakland gets in its ‘general strike' today. Posters.  Oakland's dynamics evolved the movement faster than what we've seen nationally.  (as in: Police get violent with the movement, including some petty thuggery.  Community pushback forces the mayor to back down and vacillate.  Police confused….)

Open letter from Oakland PD

Horizontal gene transfer happens over much greater distances with greater frequency than expected.

Congress declares war on the Internet.   Inevitable as the economy goes into perpetual reverse.

Coffee and Power. Another microwork startup.

Illicit cigarette sales on the rise.   If you need to act like a criminal to smoke, why not be one?

Stuxnet blowback.  It's very cool how the US/Israeli gov'ts demonstrated (with its use against Iran) the plausible promise of building cyber weapons that can damage, disrupt, or explode factories.  They've set the bar, it's up to the global community of hackers and tinkerers to bring it to the next level.   (The same is going to be true with military drones — particularly the small/cheap/smart ones).

Facebook builds new data center in Sweden, where no warrant is needed to intercept internet traffic.

Congress' net worth increased by at least 25% in the last two years.

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