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John Robb

RC ENERGY TIDBIT: Leveraging the Earth for Heat/Cooling

Resilient energy leverages the terrain.

Resilient guerrillas/warriors leverage the terrain they are fighting on to the max.  In our case, we want:

  • plentiful, low cost (hyper efficient) energy that
  • uses a process that’s inexpensive to maintain and is
  • under our control (not subject global supply chain factors and limited to locally available labor).

The way to do that is through the installation of geo-exchange systems.  These systems run water through plastic pipes buried in the ground.  Since the ground (below six feet or so) remains at a constant temperature (50-65 degrees) year round (it’s a heat sink), this circulation process will heat or cool water to the ground’s temperature.  This allows heat pumps that run 2-3 times more efficiently and cooling that is dirt cheap.  For example:

Here’s a note from Australia on a recently built hospital. Lithgow hospital uses 1/3 less energy as any other hospital in the state and it’s heating/cooling system requires less maintenance.  It also eliminates noise and the risk of Legionnaires disease (an added bonus).

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