Mini-Me: General Strike 101 for the Deaf & Dumb

Who? Mini-Me?

‘Months of public sector strikes' loom: Wednesday's walkout is just the start, warn unions

  • ‘No more money on the table' to settle pension row
  • Chief Secretary to Treasury says he may take his daughter to work when her school closes for the day

Becky Barrow

The Daily Mail,  25 November 2011

Union bosses have amassed a fighting fund of tens of millions of pounds to bring the country to its knees with waves of strikes.

The rolling programme will begin – but not end – next week with the biggest walkout since the General Strike of 1926.

In a chilling warning, union barons said it was fantasy to think the action on November 30 would be a one-off.

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Phi Beta Iota:  A number of the contributing editors have contacts on the Hill (US) and the recurring comment is that these people are completely out of touch with reality.  They have NO IDEA that Occupy is able to raise $500 million or more when the time comes to launch a wave of very personal public confrontations with INDIVIDUAL Senators and Representatives who fail to co-sponsor the Electoral Reform Act of 2012.  We are at the very very beginning of a “re-boot” of the US “system.”

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