NOW SEEKING Electoral Act Reform Act Points of Contact for Each Congressional District


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A national contact list is being created for the Statement of Demand and the Election Reform Act of 2012.  Excluded political parties and unions are providing many of the needed focal points.

An Electoral Reform Summit is tentatively scheduled for the week of 5 December 2011.

Our intent is to organize flash mobs that confront every Senator and every Representative home for holiday fund-raising with an invitation to co-sponsor the Electoral Reform Act of 2012 and commit to do so publicly, or be hounded out of office by their constituents.

The excluded political parties and labor unions appear to be funded by CIA or have other reasons for not wanting to confront the two-party tyranny, so self-selected devout proponents of Electoral Reform are invited by this message to be their district's persistent point of contact upon whom parties, unions, and others will rely on this specific initiative.

Points of contact will disseminate information and encourage others to do the same.  No money is involved.  If you are interested in being one of these Paul Revere's of our time, send an email to robert.david.steele.vivas ***at***

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