Reddit Skeptic Asks for Proof


Can you verify that you are who you say you are? Would you post a picture of yourself holding a sign with today's date and some relevant text as proof?

Kiss My Shiny Metal Ass....

And now for something fun:

MGB in Front of 60 Wall Street

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The last was just a short cut to my bio page, nothing more.  I would only run for President if reddit got me on every ballot in all 50 states and we got debates in each of the 50 states that included the coalition cabinet.

I do believe we can raise $50M then $500M then $1B if we create BigBatUSA, but first all the Occupy groups have to create campaigns at IndieGoGo where I have them ready to do this, but only after they get at least 3 Occupy campaigns set up.

MGB Cold Weather No Heater Gear

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